Manufacturing management, Cost management, Sales management...
The ERP package for the manufacturing, with customization, Sales, Implementation consulting and support service.



Is it possible to interface to peripheral system?
​With the external interface function, AMMIC/Net series can be interfaced to PDM, PDA, Scheduler, MES, Accounting System or WMS.
We are planning to introduce the manufacturing management system to our overseas plant in other parts of Asia. Is this possible?
AMMIC/Net series covers Japanese, Chinese and English, and has implementation records in sevral countries in Asia such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

How long does it take to implement AMMIC/Net series?
Thanks to the effective use of its standard functions, AMMIC/Net series can be implemented in as short as 6 months to 1-1.5 years on the average depending on the scope of the requirements.

With our original implementation process AEIM, the system introduction plan which satisfies customer's requirement will be proposed.
Is it possible to perform AMMIC/Net series demonstration and/or functional description briefing?
Yes. Please contact us via the inquiry form.
We are very willing to introduce our product(s) to you.
Is it possible to manage including associated companies?
Yes. Our Purchasing, Manufacturing and Transportation modules are made to perform in multi-company setup. It can be managed in one system by integrating several factories.



What kinds of functions (modules) are contained in the AMMIC/Net series?
AMMIC/Net series contain extensive functionalities which are mandatory for the manufacturing industry such as manufacturing management, cost management and sales management.

For more details, please refer to the Product Diagram from the link below.


How many implementation records does AMMIC have?
The sales of the manufacturing management system started since 1995. Without limiting industry category, our system has been successfully implemented in approximately 170 companies for both process-batch and assembling.


Is user training available?
Several end user trainings such as Beginner's course, Basic course and Practical course are made available in order to master in each phase of the system.
Please contact us for more details.
What happens to user support when there is a new version of the package released?
Maintenance support contract is provided for implemented customers. For the version which is currently been used by the user, it will continuously be supported as long as its maintenance support contract is valid.
What system maintenance support is available?
The package support and customized package support will be provided.
Is the customization by the user possible?
Yes. For customization of new enhancements, or complicated customization requiring programming, you may get in touch with AMMIC or our business partner.

If it is simple customization as GUI layout modification, users can do by themselves. In this case, AMMIC/Net's form designer 'Runtime Customize' function can be used. Moreover, using the Favorite Generator and/or the Inquiry Generator, data inquiry function can be created by the user.


What is the system requirement for the client device (PC terminal).
AMMIC/Net series is compatible to the following OS.

*Please confirm the system requirement of Citrix Receiver.
*Due to limited support, please ask as for more detail as the edition or Service Pack.
Which database is used?
AMMIC/Net series is compatible with Oracle 11gR2/12c.
What program language is AMMIC/Net series developed?
AMMIC/Net series is developed using VisualC#.NET.

Are the program sources opened?

Source programs and database structures are opened, except for some part of the functions such as the MRP engine.
With functionality of the cross table user interface creation, the function for data reference can be created by the user.