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Implementation Process

The ERP implementation is not an easy task. However, AMMIC has established a method for smooth introductionto the sales person and the SEs who knows the manufacturing site well. This is called the "AEIM™" (AMMIC Effective Implementation Method).

Let us introduce the business negotiation flow up to the implementation flow of AMMIC after contract signing.

The flow from business negotiation up to the contract signing.

Depending on the customer's requirement, we will propose a solution best-fit for your needs.
Introducing our products

We will gladly introduce our products to you (including general demonstration), and send you brochures and guide documents, if necessary.

Interviewing customer

A sales executive will be gathering your company’s requirements as well as interview key people in your company to get an idea of your current process and system as well as the challenges your company is currently experiencing. Then, solutions will be provided based on our superior implementation experiences and will be explained to you.

Demonstration and consultation

For the customer who are seriously considering using the AMMIC system, a demonstration may be provided using sample data borrowed from the customer (*) which will be used as demo data so you can assess if our system is fit for your organization.

*NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) will be provided to ensure the protection of the demo data provided by the customer.
Propose the best fit plan for your company

A system proposal will be submitted to you, which also covers the system’s basic concept, package cost, the estimate of customizing cost, implementation schedule, procedures, and hardware configuration required.

Decision to implement AMMIC system

If required, estimate and schedule may be adjusted to fit the schedule of both parties. Inquiries and clarifications will be addressed immediately. With clear understanding and agreement, the contract will be concluded.

AEIM™ Full Images

AEIM™ 全体像

AEIM™ Characteristic

The ERP implementation process is divided into several phases. The goal and output of each phase is clearly defined. By defining each task, the likelihood that a task is omitted or forgotten is minimized and the ERP implementation project will be lead to success.

Project Preparation

No. ToDo Detail Location Output
1 Interview the company's key people to get an overview of the requirements Conduct interview to get the company's overview of their process and requirements, discuss the schedule and implementation method. Customer's office
2 Prepare the project organization Choose the project member and establish the in-house organization. The role of the customer or our business partner is decided, and the entire project organization is finalized. Customer's office Ammic Office Project member's role list (Kick-off document)
3 Create schedule for the entire project Adjust and create schedule for the entire project with customer and/or our business partner. Customer's office Ammic office Base schedule list (Kick-off document)
4 Kick-off meeting Create the kick-off document and prepare for the kick-off meeting. Customer's office Kick-off document

Examining the basic design

No. ToDo Detail Location Output
1 Orientation for building the environment Setup the operation environment of the package, for examining its' functions and requirement definition.
Standard package is installed and setup the sample data for verification. And, confirm it operates correctly. 
Customer's office Ammic office Operation reports
2 Package orientation With general sample data, explain the functions, scope and idea of standard package. Customer's office Functional documents
3 Current operation research By visiting the factory, study the current operation details, challenges and requirements to improve its operations. Obtain the information to build the data for function verification. Customer's office Current operation research result
4 Environmental operation research (GUI etc) Search the challenges and improvement request  with the other systems on the current system. Customer's office Ammic office
5 Create the manufacturing model for proposal For verification of function details, the manufacturing model data of the most apropriate several manufacturing products are built based on above research result, and the data is input into the orientation environment. The proposed model and operation flow document are created. Ammic office Manufacturing model documents
6 Function verification of the basic system Using above proposed model, detail function of the package's will be verified with the key-user by checking process, data flow and operation. Customer's office
7 Propose the operation way Discuss Operation procedure and input data of each subsystem, and operation flow of the output document. Customer's office