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The ERP package for the manufacturing, with customization, Sales, Implementation consulting and support service.
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The ERP, specialized in manufacturing and cost management.

Why choose AMMIC's ERP for manufacturing management?
Aside from it being a Japanese ERP package,
it is developed by the professionals who have full knowledge of the manufacturing site.

Ammic Corporation has been developing specialized manufacturing systems since 1992. Listening to our customers, we have focused on developing easy-to-use systems for both end users and IT staffs.

Our standard approach is “Look at the challenges of the customer and look for long term IT solution” What are the Customer’s hidden challenges? We start by finding those challenges and understanding them.

Finding the Customer’s hidden challenges is a matter of course. We communicate with our customers to formulate long term solutions to their underlying problems.
Customers' challenge

IT vendor who does not know the manufacturing site
cannot be aware of customer's "real challenges".
To have the mind to always research and improve the new technology and service, necessary for challenge solving and improvement of product competitiveness" is our standards of conduct. Find the challenges, be aware  of it and solve it by the IT service. AMMIC can do this because we are the professionals of "IT solution" and "the manufacturing site".
We are the professional group mainly for development, sales and consulting of the enterprise system package.