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Procurement System [STRA PROC]

Our web version of our procurement system, which can share information of supplier replenishment, delivery instruction and shipment between buyer and supplier.

Product Overview

STRA PROC shares the ordering information with the supplier. Its data is seamlessly integrated with Manufacturing Management system or the ERP system, and helps the reduction of human error such as the order omission.

Main Features

Function Feature1. Sending/receiving the order data between purchase department and supplier.

The order data will be sent from purchase department directly to the supplier, based on the purchase data in AMMIC/NetP and/or other ERP system. Using the delivery information from the supplier, inventory data will be updated in AMMIC/NetP, STRAMMIC series or other ERP system.

Function Feature2. Cost reduction in the ordering operations

By sending/receiving the data on the web, ordering operation costs can be reduced

Function Feature3. Lower implementation costs

Since STRA PROC is accessible from all over the world using a web browser, suppliers' implementation costs can be minimized.