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Web-based BI tool [STRA DA]

Through our Web-based analytics tool, 
the user can  visualize, analyze and share various KPI 
such as cost variance, slow-moving inventory, inventory turnover, or profit ranking, for the ERP.

Product Overview

STRA DA is the web-based "simple BI option" product developed for the purpose of data analysis of AMMIC/Net series and STRAMMIC series.

Main Features

Function Feature1. Dashboard

A variety of information can be summarized and displayed concisely in a dashboard.
With the form designer function, layout can also be edited.
Graphical interfaces

Function Feature2. Widget

Dashboard consists of parts called the "Widget".
Table, pivot or gauge can be selected as a widget and hence, multicolored data expression is possible.


Function Feature3. Inquiry Generator, Favorite Generator

The functionality of the inquiry form generation like AMMIC/NetP can also be used on the web. The existing layout can also be transferred easily.

Function Feature4. Analyzing function

By registering several analyzing operations like filtering, rotating the axis, or drill-down/drill-up, easier stationary analyzing operation will be possible.

Function Feature5. Drill-down

By setting the linkage between widgets, the drill-down of data will be possible. By setting multiple levels, data can be analyzed more deeply.
Please contact us regarding requirements of the web server or web client.