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Business Application Development Framework [AMMIC/NetEAB]

Our system offers quick and reliable customization that is tailor made for your business.
Our flexible operational development framework allows us to give you a versatile system for your company.

Product Overview

"AMMIC/NetEAB" is our extended framework product which optimizes .NET Framework (Application development and execution environment) to the business system. 

Due to the .NET Framework, it has the characteristics such as "providing the latest technology", "long-term support of the development technology", "plenty of additional components", "many programmers" and "quick function extension".

Main Features

Function Feature1. Development language is VisualC#.NET

It fully supports object-oriented programming. Because the controls and classes can be used like parts of an assembly, we can achieve high efficiency in program development.

Function Feature2. Object-oriented

  1. Since system construction can be componentized, the created component can be used repeatedly in other systems.
  1. Since there is less-dependency between the componentized programs, the functions can be extented easily.
  1. Since there is less-dependency between the componentized programs and the cause can be localized in case of program issues, thereby resulting to a highly maintainable system.

Function Feature3. Base classes for more effective development are implemented.

No need to develop the base parts in the application by yourself. Since development itself is preconditioned as a base class, its quality is stable. Functions are component, and thus maintenance for the application is easy.

Function Feature4. Enrich common functions

Since common functions such as security control, invoice printing, or session control are prepared, design/development for the complicated infrastructure before designing the business logic is unnecessary.

Function Feature5. The easy-to-use user interface using the form designer.

The GUI layout or field property (visible/invisible, font size/name, color) can be easily changed without the need to program it.

Function Feature6. Several effective user interfaces can be created.

By developing with inheritence of the NetEAB base class, several user interfaces can be created effectively.