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Demand & Replenishment Management System [AMMIC/DRP]

From the demand forecast, the sales planning and the inventory in each distribution center,
the optimized manufacturing order will be calculated and inventory in the distribution center can be optimized.

Product Overview

Inventory balance will be calculated based on the demand forecast, the inventory in the distribution center (DC), and the planned replenishment quantity, after which the manufacturing order will be created for the shortage quantity (the replenish quantity) as a request to the factory. The optimized distribution center inventory can be maintained by rectifying from the sales forecast to the manufacturing order.

Main Features

Function1. Manufacturing order calculation and Delivery order calculation

Based on the demand forecast and the shipment result of the received order, schedule of the inventory change in the DC warehouse is calculated. Then, necessary quantity in the manufacturing will be calculated. As a result of the manufacturing order calculation, manufacturing order will be created and the forcast customer order will be created to the factory. At the end of the month, the number of delivery quantity (actual shortage quantity) to the factory for next month is calculated in the delivery order calculation and its order is submitted. By deleting result of the manufacturing order calculation, the delivery order will be created.

Function2. Inventory policy and Supply route

In manufacturing order calculation and delivery order calculation, the inventory policy exists for each Item No. + warehouse. As the quantity of the inventory policy, how many days the inventory should be kept can be set, using the bucket (like each month); the inventory of how many buckets should be kept at the end of that bucket, the future days, or the past days (result).

In manufacturing order calculation and delivery order calculation, inventory change will be calculated by adding the inventory policy in the warehouse which is the most closest from the customer. Then, the order will be created in order to replenish the shortage quantity from the next warehouse which is specified by the supply route. There is no limit in the number of the warehouse used in the supply route, and hence, multi-step calculation is possible.

Function3. Adaptable to build-to-order manufacturing

When products must be manufactured as same quantity as the ordered quantity like the build-to-order without having the inventory as the stock, by specifying whether the receiving order of job-order production or not, the manufacturing order which is same as the ordered quantity will be created without using the inventory policy.

Function4. Inventory balance inquiry in the distribution center.

Inventory change for each item can be viewed. By displaying the inventory which can be kept for how many days, excess/shortage inventory in each warehouse will be determined, and inventory transfer between the warehouse can be done.