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Privacy Policy

Ammic corporation has fully recognize the social responsibility to use the customers' privacy information, in order to run all business. To built the rational management countermeasure for its risk, and maintain/improve it, the following privacy policy will be regulated. Then, we will built and surely operate our original privacy information protection management system to execute this policy concretely.

Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition, use and offer of the privacy information

Ammic will obtain, use and offer the appropriate privacy information, considering our company's business and scale. Its use purpose is clearly limited within legitimate business activities. The privacy information will be used and provided, within the use purpose which obtained an agreement by the user.

2. Complying with laws, guidelines stipulated by country and other rules, regarding to handling of the privacy information.

In order to comply with laws, guidelines stipulated by country and other rules, regarding to handling of the privacy information, we will apply the policy and management measure based on Japanese Industrial Standards "Privacy information protection management system - required items" (JIS Q 15001:2006).

3. Privacy information management and protection

Privacy information will be managed strictly. In case of consigning all or a part of its handling, we will select the vendor which fulfills the complete protection level, and take appropriate measures with the contract. And, considering safety, we will take action for a prevention and corrective to the risk as unauthorized access to the privacy information, and lost/destroy/alteration/leakage of the privacy information.

4. For complaint and consulting

Ammic will respond to the request like disclosure, revision, deletion, and suspension of privacy information, from the inquired person, as quickly as possible.

5. Continuous improvement of the privacy information protection management system and its structure.

Ammic will give an education of the privacy information protection to all staffs including our executives, employees, temporary staffs, contract staffs and part-timers. According to the business environment change, the regularly executed inspection, the legal imperatives/guideline change, the hearing from employees, or the opinions from customers, we will promise to maintain/improve the protection activities, through continuous improvement of the privacy information protection management system.
Enacted on Feb 19, 2009
Ammic corporation
President   Akira Takita

Open to public of our privacy policy

  1. We will continue to strive to ensure that all employees of the Ammic understand the importance of the initiatives and measures I have mentioned, and then open to public on our webpage as well.
  2. In case of the complaint regarding handling private information, inquiry regarding disclosure request, revision/deletion, please contact to the following private information protection inquiries desk.
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